Monday 16 October 2017

It's a disaster!

Term 4 is fast becoming a disaster term!!! Well, during Science and Geography anyway.

During Science this term, Stage 3 will be exploring plate tectonics and the devastating results of this process. I will be putting some information on the Science tab of this blog to help with the students investigations. Our first Homework task is also on this tab.

During Geography, we will be looking at bush fires and how they shape our environment and how we interact with our environment. More information about Geography will be added to the Geography tab as it becomes more relevant.

Our first Geography lesson sparked the students' interest as we learned about the Fire Triangle and the three things a fire needs to continue combustion.

I ran a few simple experiments in front of the class and we had a big discussion on what a fire needs to continue. Each student wrote a few observations from the experiment as well as what they learned from watching a short documentary on the 2009 Victorian fires.

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