Sunday 26 February 2017

Week 5.....Already!!

Welcome to Week 5!!

Time flies when you are having fun. Here are some pictures of our adventures thus far:

Working hard during Mathletics time.

Deep in thought...

Maths test time.

Busy being creative with a display.

Receiving a playground award, well done!

Week 5
- Primary Chapel
- English, Maths, Science

- English, Maths, Bush dancing, Visual Arts

- English, Maths, History research
- Primary Assembly

- English, Maths, Sport (tee-ball)
- Clean-up Australia day activity

Please remember to complete the MACC App permission slips for Blogging, Mogo excursion and Clean-up Australia day trip to Jack Nash reserve. 

Saturday 18 February 2017

Week 3: Some things we have done....

Hi there,

5B has had a busy three weeks so far and have learned a lot (especially the teacher!!). I think the students were a little surprised by the amount and variety of assessments, however, I am quickly developing a good understanding of where we are at and the areas that would most beneficial for us to venture early in the year.

I just wanted to take the time to make brief mention of some of the activities and topics we have explored this week.

Just a reminder to please give permission for your child to have their pictures and work on the class blog so that I can make this a more interesting view of what we are doing. If you are not sure how to do this could you please contact the college and seek assistance, thanks.

Week 3a:
 Christian Discovery/Devotions/Chapel

  • Christian Discovery lessons will continue on b weeks
  • During devotions we take the time to talk as a class about any relevant issues they might be facing as well as spend time reading the Bible and praying
  • Primary Chapel started this week. Mr Jason Fretwell talked to us about going on journeys and a little bit about Mt Everest (cool link)
  • We have being completing various Daily 5 activities (Read to self, Read to others, Listen to reading, Word work/Spelling, Work on writing)
  • Students have been working on being persuasive as well as writing diary entries.
  • We have started exploring the various writing traits that good writers posses such as: Ideas, Structure, using a strong Voice, choosing great Words, Sentence structure, Conventions
  • A big focus has been on CUPS when editing (Capitals, Understanding, Punctuation, Spelling and Spacing.
  • We have started exploring Addition, Subtraction and 3 dimensional shapes.
  • Below is a scope and sequence of Maths topics so that you can know exactly what students will be working on throughout the year.
  • Students have been given their assignments this week. See the History tab for a copy of the assignment.
  • Students have also been given their Science assignment this week. For more information check the Science tab
Personal Development/Health
  • This is run fortnightly on b weeks
Visual Arts
  • Students have been exploring Tone and drawing 3D shapes with me as well as 'Selfies' with the rest of Stage 3
Other stuff
  • I'm a big fan of coding as a way to encourage logical thinking and programming skills. So, we have been using a program called Scratch Junior on the Ipads. 
  • This is a free app and can be used on most devices, I encourage parents to check it out.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Welcome to 5B

Welcome to 5B!

I'm looking forward to getting to know a whole class of students whom I am yet to teach and leading them on their learning journey this year. We have somehow been blessed enough with our classroom and have already made use of its generous layout and facilities.

This Blog will serve as an insight into the classroom and hopefully offer you a bit of a taste of our day to day happenings. I will endeavour to keep regular with the posts.

As this is an excellent opportunity to see pictures and video of what your child is getting up to, can I encourage you to give permission for me to use their pictures by filling out the MACC app permission slip. The sooner I get them all back the sooner I can start adding multimedia blogs.

God bless you and I look forward to meeting you in person or over the phone in the coming weeks.

Mr Brownlee