Term 4: Bush fires shape us

Inquiry Research Options:

2009 Victorian Black Saturday YouTube documentary 

The Fire Triangle explained

Oliver Reference Generator

Good bushfire resource page

Geography Assignment

Short animated activity to help understand how to research.

Black Friday Bushfires
Information page
Map (January 1939 Bushfires 2008MapForest Fire Management Victoria, accessed 26 October 2017, <>.)

Ash Wednesday Bushfires
Information page
Map (Areas in Victoria affected by 1983 bushfires 2008MapForest Fire Management Victoria, accessed 26 October 2017, <>.)

Canberra Bushfires
Interactive map (Canberra bushfires 2017MapAustralian Government Geoscience, accessed 26 October 2017, <>.)

Black Saturday Bushfires
Map (Summary of fires in Victoria January/February 2009 2009MapForest Fire Management Victoria, accessed 26 October 2017, <>.)


  1. Do you have any website suggestions for short term and long term geographic consquences if you do can you please comment .If not could you explain to me.
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Emily, thanks for your questions.
      I don't have any specific website to give you, as the geographical consequences to bush fires are well documented. Short term refers to things such as: loss of life, buildings and landscape damage. Long term refers to things such as: damage to ecosystem, erosion, cost of rebuilding.

  2. Do i need to reference like you did? or do can i just write the website? Thank you

    1. Hi Leisl, good question.
      Referencing is a skill that will become more and more relevant for you as your schooling progresses. Ideally, you should use the online reference generator from Oliver (link on this page). Please check with your teacher if you are unsure how to use it.