Sunday 26 November 2017

Student Blog

Our student blog report

What we are doing today is telling you about tape art projects. In class this term, we have been learning about how art shows messages around the world. We have made the decision to show signs on how to make our school a better place by using tape art. A lot of people came up with really cool ideas and they are very unique, just like we all are!!

By Lily and Siennah

Thursday 16 November 2017

Student Blog

Masking tape artwork

On Wednesday, 5B were working on their masking tape artwork. Our task was to  demonstrate a problem in our school using masking tape as our building material eg. Littering, bullying, fighting, improving the school etc. We had other individuals to assist us making our artwork.

By Kriti & Ryne 

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Amazing 5B

It might have been the teacher's birthday today, but the stars were the students from 5B.

To put it simply, I am continually amazed and honored by the thoughtfulness of this bunch of young people. Little did I know, but a bunch of students had been asking me questions in the weeks preceding today preparing for a surprise party.

Thank you 5B for this unique and humbling experience.

And how did I reward these angels?.........

A Maths test.