Saturday 18 February 2017

Week 3: Some things we have done....

Hi there,

5B has had a busy three weeks so far and have learned a lot (especially the teacher!!). I think the students were a little surprised by the amount and variety of assessments, however, I am quickly developing a good understanding of where we are at and the areas that would most beneficial for us to venture early in the year.

I just wanted to take the time to make brief mention of some of the activities and topics we have explored this week.

Just a reminder to please give permission for your child to have their pictures and work on the class blog so that I can make this a more interesting view of what we are doing. If you are not sure how to do this could you please contact the college and seek assistance, thanks.

Week 3a:
 Christian Discovery/Devotions/Chapel

  • Christian Discovery lessons will continue on b weeks
  • During devotions we take the time to talk as a class about any relevant issues they might be facing as well as spend time reading the Bible and praying
  • Primary Chapel started this week. Mr Jason Fretwell talked to us about going on journeys and a little bit about Mt Everest (cool link)
  • We have being completing various Daily 5 activities (Read to self, Read to others, Listen to reading, Word work/Spelling, Work on writing)
  • Students have been working on being persuasive as well as writing diary entries.
  • We have started exploring the various writing traits that good writers posses such as: Ideas, Structure, using a strong Voice, choosing great Words, Sentence structure, Conventions
  • A big focus has been on CUPS when editing (Capitals, Understanding, Punctuation, Spelling and Spacing.
  • We have started exploring Addition, Subtraction and 3 dimensional shapes.
  • Below is a scope and sequence of Maths topics so that you can know exactly what students will be working on throughout the year.
  • Students have been given their assignments this week. See the History tab for a copy of the assignment.
  • Students have also been given their Science assignment this week. For more information check the Science tab
Personal Development/Health
  • This is run fortnightly on b weeks
Visual Arts
  • Students have been exploring Tone and drawing 3D shapes with me as well as 'Selfies' with the rest of Stage 3
Other stuff
  • I'm a big fan of coding as a way to encourage logical thinking and programming skills. So, we have been using a program called Scratch Junior on the Ipads. 
  • This is a free app and can be used on most devices, I encourage parents to check it out.

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  1. Dear 5B,

    Well, you certainly are very busy. It looks like you are learning a great deal already!

    I wonder if you have had a favourite activity so far this year? I'd love to hear about it.

    From Mrs Pope