Sunday 24 September 2017


During Geography this term students have been exploring the concepts of how natural environments affect how people construct built environments. Our final activity was to plan and construct a city in the Stage 3 play area. This city was then visited by some classes in the infants and their Ozobots.

Throughout the term students have been learning about the processes of town planning. During these lessons they have been challenged to come up with solutions to problems where there is no clear correct answer. Problems that mean that one group in society would be benefited, while another group might be disadvantaged. They have grown in their appreciation of negotiation, compromise and the greater good of a community.

In preparing for constructing MACC City students were placed into groups of 4 and where given the roles of: Project manager, Civil engineer, Environmental Specialist, Planner. While taking on these roles students planned a town based on the shape of the Stage 3 play area using a scale. Each group worked on giving a report as to how their role and involvement helped shape their town.

A final design was chosen and each group in Stage 3 where given a structure to build in 3D. The stage 3 students were then tasked with the responsibility to help the infants program their Ozobots to drive on the roads.

Nothing like taking on a role and actively participating in a project when learning. Lots of great memories and maybe a future town planner or two.

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