Monday 24 April 2017


Welcome Back

It's great to see everyone's smiling faces again. This term promises to be an eventful one, full of many interesting activities and experiences that have been planned for the students. The first important event is ANZAC day.

Today and Wednesday students will take part in a variety of experiences to commemorate this day and remember those who have sacrificed for our nation.

Students spent some time today reading and being read to from the ANZAC day Commemoration Committee website. They started using a handout from this site which explains some of the reasons behind ANZAC day, and will do some more of it on Wednesday before taking the rest home to complete at their leisure

We listened to an excellent Australian book called 'One Minute Silence' and had a discussion about how the ANZAC's and the Turks might have felt during the battle at Gallipoli and Lone Pine. 

Students also had the opportunity to listen to a war veteran talk about some of the equipment that soldiers used during wartime and peace keeping operations.

Students represented themselves excellently. 

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