Thursday 27 April 2017

Cultural Exchange

A cultural exchange with a Cikal School in Surabaya has been organised, through the organisation Know My World. The purpose of the exchange is to foster cultural understanding between our schools. The students will connect through the platform Edmodo, Skype and school blogs.
Through this exchange our students will develop the Geographical concepts of the differences and similarities between Indonesia and Australia. They will explore the characteristics of each place and their uniqueness. They will look at the concept of how people are interconnected with other communities around the world. Understanding how the environment affects the culture will be a part of this unit.
The students will also have opportunity to explore the culture of another world community firsthand through interviews, surveys, pictures and videos. They will communicate what they have learned by creating a Newspaper Article or Infographic on what they have learned which we will share with Cikal school.

Here are some photos from our first Skype call to Cikal School in Surabaya.

All of Stage 3 were together for a quiz game that each School organised for each other.

Students read their true or false questions to the students from Cikal.

There was plenty of excitement throughout the experience. Students have already started posting chats to each other and are getting to know each other's cultures.

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