Tuesday 21 March 2017

Some Week 7 activities


After over a year of investigation into a particular spelling program based on current research that focuses on students specific skills and needs, MACC Primary has commenced a revamped spelling program this year.

Words Their Way is the program we have been using for spelling this term. Students are involved in sorting and writing words into categories based on word patterns. Students often discuss and give evidence for reasons why each word should go into each category, which builds their understanding of each word pattern.

Here are a few word sort discussions taking place:

Maths Groups

At the start of most Maths lessons students take part in some warm up questions that revise concepts they have explored. But....every now and then, students will split up into Maths groups and complete a range of activities that give them a chance to brush up on a few areas that they need work on or extension in, as well as providing a chance to use their skills in some Maths games.

Happy Birthday Brianna!

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