Wednesday 7 June 2017

I love poets in classrooms, they're full of great ideas...

I'm a poet, and I know it!

Stage 3 have been exploring the various techniques used by poets, song writers and other authors to convey meaning. Throughout the term we have been viewing, listening and reading how some of the different poetic techniques are used by various writers. This has inspired us to create our own master pieces.

We started by creating a Poetic Terms List which has been used as a sort of dictionary.

Students have used these skills and techniques to construct a variety of poems. Here are a selection of personification poems:

I've enjoyed seeing each student's appreciation and skill in this type of writing increase throughout this term. I have also noticed the increase in figurative language and a greater saturation of imagery creep into their other work.

Students have been taking photos of their work and putting them on Freshgrade to share with their family so be sure to check them out.

Well done 5B, I can't wait to see your future creations.

Do you have a favourite poet? Why?

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