Wednesday 17 May 2017

Tuesday morning English activities

Term 2 is moving along nicely and 5B students have been very settled. Here is a bit of a snap shot of some of our morning activities on a Tuesday:

Before the day: Devotions

This week we have been exploring what the Bible has to say about humility and love.

Learning Session 1: Daily 5

Students started off with Word Work. Each student has had a list of words that highlight a certain pattern in spelling. This being the second week with their words, students partnered up and spent time today reading out each others words and placing them in their correct pattern list. This is called a blind sort as their partner doesn't see the word until they indicate where it should be placed.

Next, we had a mini lesson on looking out for interesting words in our reading. When students did their Read to Self or Read to Someone, they were encouraged to write down a couple of words that they found interesting and try to use them throughout the day.

Learning session 2: English ConceptsPoetry

Students have been learning about poetry and figurative language this term. We have already explored terms such as similes, metaphors, rhyme, rhythm, onomatopoeia and repetition and repetition, but today we looked at my personal favourite, personification.

After looking at some examples and having a discussion, we headed outside to see if we could be inspired by our surroundings. Students wrote down some ideas they came up with which we will form into a poem later on.


Stay tuned to Freshgrade to see the final copy.

Students have been given an updated time table this week. Why not spend some time with them and let them explain to you what goes on in the classroom during each of our learning sessions.

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